Retinol – the biggest skincare trend of 2018


Super Facialist Retinol Skin care

What is Retinol?

Retinol derives from Vitamin A and is most commonly acknowledged for its anti-ageing properties.

Through regular application, this high-performance ingredient can boost collagen production (subsequently reducing wrinkles and fine lines), speed-up cell turnover (which minimises imperfections like sun damage, acne, scarring and dark spots), and unclog pores.

Super Facialist Retinol SerumWhat is the recommended (%) of Retinol?

0.1% Retinol palmitate (as advised by Cherry Healey in a recent BBC documentary) is an effective level and a great starting point for beginners.

The Super Facialist Retinol+ Serum includes 0.01% Retinol, while the Day Cream and Night Cream both include 0.1% Retinol.

Our objective was to create a regime of products which can be combined (e.g. the Serum followed by a Cream), without exceeding the recommended maximum level of Retinol.

Does the Retinol Day Cream include SPF?

Skin is likely to become more sensitive around sunlight whilst using Retinol based products, so it’s extremely important to wear SPF 25+.

We consciously decided to not include an SPF within our Day Cream, as Retinol/SPF can be extremely challenging to formulate together.

Instead, we opted to provide the education that applying a good SPF 25+ is pivotal after applying the Serum and/or Day Creams.

Is the Super Facialist Retinol+ range cruelty-free?

Yes, we’re delighted to let you know that the entire Retinol+ range is cruelty-free and vegan-friendly – we do not test on animals, nor do we ask any third parties to do so on our behalf.


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