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Kayla Smith - Glossed Angeles Super Facialist collaboration

Super Facialist is this awesome brand that I’ve been using for a few weeks, and I truly have felt and seen a difference in the quality of my skin. You know when you wake up and think “hmmm…that actually worked”? I’ve had a few of those moments after applying these products.

Super Facialist #BeYourOwnSuperFacialistAs part of their new #BeYourOwnSuperFacialist campaign, Super Facialist has this cool “Skin Diagnosis Tool” where you can answer questions about your skin and get a personalized recommendation for which line to use.

Based on my results, I’ve been using the “Vitamin C” line as well as the “Hyaluronic Acid ” line, but in addition to these two categories of products, they also carry the following categories, each with a whole range of products: Retinol, Rose, Salicylic Acid, and Pure.

Super Facialist is sold in the UK at Boots, or you can buy internationally through purchasing on their website if you live in the USA like me.

Here’s the products I’ve been using, along with my thoughts on each product:


Glow Boost Skin Serum

I apply this under the night cream for a power packed moisturising duo. I like that this serum is more creamy, rather than liquid based. It feels like a super light moisture surge and is charged with Vitamin C which helps replenish and boost collagen synthesis (scientific, right?). Vitamin C and radiance go hand in hand and anything that makes my skin glow gets an A+ in my book.

Skin Defense Daily Moisturiser

Super Facialist Vitamin C Cleansing Oil and Daily MoisturiserI’ll admit I’m not super great about using a daily SPF (oops, sorry everyone). Luckily, this daily moisturiser has SPF mixed in with it, which means I kill two birds with one stone. I really like this specific daily moisturiser compared to others that I’ve tried because it doesn’t feel oily at all and works so well under makeup that it almost acts as a primer. I noticed my makeup held up great throughout the day after applying it in the morning, which is usually a bit of a struggle for me.

Skin Renew Cleansing Oil

Boosted with Rosemary oil, Vitamin E and soothing Cucumber oil, this mega-power packed cleansing oil gently dissolves face and eye make-up and removes daily impurities. Since I tend to go pretty heavy on the eye makeup (hello, shimmer eyeshadow even on a Monday morning), I need this stuff like my green eyes need a bronze eyeliner.


Firming Daily Brightening Cleanser

I will be the first to say, I’m preeeeetty picky when it comes to the cleansers I use. I’ve been through heaps of them, and there’s only a few I genuinely like. Good news: this one makes the cut. It’s super creamy, but still lathers, and my skin feels clean after, but not squeaky tight (you know the feeling – ick). I was pleasantly surprised when I used this, and then couldn’t wait for the next day so I could use it again (beauty junkies are weird like that – it’s the little things, right?).

Firming Lift and Smooth Eye Cream

Firming, lifting, brightening – yup, I’ll take some of that. This is the little product my tired eyes didn’t know they needed. Oh, and it contains spf 15 so I’ve been REALLY doing well in the whole skin protection department lately. I’m living for these 2 in 1 products – thank you for making my skincare routine easier!

Hyaluronic Acid Firming Night CreamFirming Super Lift Night Cream

YES YES YES, ALL YES to this product. I’ve got to say, I think it’s my favorite one of the whole line. Like I mentioned earlier, I use the Vitamin C serum and then apply this cream every night before sitting back, relaxing, and letting it work it’s facelift-in-a-jar magic. It contains a firming peptide that optimises cellular renewal, as well as re-texturizing minerals to plump the skin from the inside out. Don’t mind if I do.


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