8 resolutions for healthy skin in 2020

New year skin resolutions | Super Facialist

Granted, some New Year’s resolutions are made to be broken and receive a resounding eye roll, but nobody will be judging you for setting your sights on these skincare resolutions when they notice your radiant complexion in the new year.

To discover 8 recommendations (otherwise known as resolutions) which you need to make in 2020 to help your skin achieve its perfect balance, keep reading.

1. Start double-cleansing

Super Facialist Vitamin C Brighten Micro Polish WashIf you’re already a big fan of the double-cleansing method, you can tune out for this one, but we’re here to reiterate to the makeup wipe lovers just how much of a difference double-cleansing can make to how your skin looks and feels.

In short, double-cleansing is a skincare method which involves using a first cleanser (often an oil or a balm) to break down makeup and excess dirt, then following with a second cleanser (usually a gel, cream or foam) to remove any remaining product/residue.

Of course, there are a few different ways to apply this method, including using a cleanser and then toner or alternatively a cleanser and scrub for a more exfoliating experience.

Whichever route you go down, this revolutionary technique will ensure that your face is squeaky clean and instantly ready to soak in the goodness of your favourite leave-on products.

2. Get plenty of sleep

It might be a little cliché, but the age-old ‘beauty sleep’ term truly does apply.

Our liver naturally detoxes to ensure that everything (including the skin) is functioning as effectively as possible, so it comes as no surprise that this process is most effective while we are sleeping.

Some professionals advise sleeping for up to 10 hours while others suggest that time doesn’t matter as much as the regularity of your sleep pattern, so we’re setting a no later than 12am sleep rule in the new year.

3. Find key ingredients which work for your skin type

There is plenty of education online regarding the best ingredients for specific skin types – Salicylic Acid for oily/blemish-prone skin, Hyaluronic Acid for dry skin requiring a firming boost, Retinol for more mature skin, Vitamin C for dull skin… the list goes on.

Our recommendation? Find at least one ingredient which resonates with your skin type and put it to the test. Give the ingredient at least 6-8 weeks to kick-in before taking a closer look at your complexion and seeing if you’re happy with the results.

For those with combination skin types, and therefore, multiple skin concerns, we recommend trying our Skin Diagnostics Tool – which will identify your primary and secondary skin concerns and mix and match appropriate products to create a tailored regime for you and your skin.

4. Increase your intake of greens, water and omega-3 rich foods

It goes without saying that diet plays a huge role upon general skin health.

We’re sure you’re already aware of the benefits of consuming the daily recommendation of water, but did you know omega 3 rich foods are full of healthy fats which help the body to absorb key vitamins?

Not forgetting the powerful benefits of a balanced diet containing plenty of fruit and vegetables – both key to flushing toxins away and keeping the body functioning.

5. Wear SPF daily

We know… it’s winter, so why bother with an SPF? While the sun might not be visible to the eye (or felt by the skin), that doesn’t mean that UV rays aren’t causing damage to the skin. The best way to ensure that the skin is protected all year round is by applying a strong SPF.

As our moisturisers are all formulated with scientifically-backed ingredients which often conflict with SPF, we have made the conscious decision to educate customers that they should apply additional sun protection to effectively protect the skin.

6. Regularly wash your makeup brushes

It’s time to break the 2019 cycle of forgetting to wash your brushes until they cause a breakout.

Did you know, you should be washing your brushes at least once a week to make sure dirt and product is removed and minimise the chance of clogged pores? We recommend making it a Sunday evening ritual as a way of combating those pre working-week blues.

7. Invest in a silk pillowcase

In our opinion, everyone should have a silk pillowcase in their life.

Not only do they help to avoid face creasing while you sleep and therefore act as a small preventative measure against fine lines and wrinkles (as traditional cotton is far harsher on the skin), they also hold less bacteria and therefore help to reduce the risk of clogged pores and dirt build up.

8. Apply moisturiser everyday

Vitamin C Night CreamJust because your skin is oily, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be skipping the moisturiser step – in fact, oils on the surface aren’t necessarily keeping the skin hydrated behind the scenes.

Moisturisers help the skin to retain natural moisture which is often lost due to external factors, in addition to forming a protective layer around the skin. Most are enriched with at least one key ingredient which helps to tackle skin concerns, so the benefits of making sure they are a part of your day-to-day routine are undeniable!

Are you planning to follow any of the above resolutions? Let us know how you get on in the comments below…


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