Top tips for healthy winter skin

Dry winter skin

WFH has become the ‘new normal’, zoom meetings are a part of the everyday and leaving the house without a mask in your pocket is unheard of. It’s no surprise that the lockdown combination of being house-bound 24/7, a shift in moods and emotions, and the change in seasons has impacted all of our skin in one way or another.

Over the past few months, we have received an abundance of questions on how to alleviate dry skin (a usual winter woe heightened by the current situation) and we want to help.

Read on to find out what could be causing your complexion to change and how to keep skin hydrated, from the inside-out.

Turn the thermostat down

It’s pretty frosty out there, so you might be tempted to crank the heating up to a souring heat (especially as that girl’s beach break is off the cards), but this could be one of the hugest factors causing your skin to dry out. No one appreciates being told to ‘wear a jumper’, but in this instance, it is probably best to stick with a low-medium temperature and add a few extra layers.

Extra points if you are willing to invest in a cold mist humidifier to control your new working environment and keep the skin’s moisture levels balanced.

The same applies to your shower routine

As with central heating, setting the shower dial too high can further exacerbate surface dehydration, so it’s important to keep the water temperature at a reasonable level. We also recommending limiting durations in the shower to five minutes or less… but don’t worry, we won’t put a time limit on your relaxing evening bath, as this is far less aggressive on the skin.

Introduce more fats to your diet

No… this isn’t your cue to ditch the 2021 healthy eating resolution and reach for the cheese, we are talking about healthy fats sourced from foods like olive oil, avocado, and walnuts.

Healthy fats deliver several benefits to the skin – one of which is ensuring it stays supple and moisturised – so assessing your diet and making sure you are consuming enough fats could be a bit of a game changer.

Stay hydrated

In addition to looking after your skin at a surface level, it is important to make sure you are drinking enough water to flush out toxins. Reach for a green tea over the English variety for added antioxidant benefits and utilise that 750ml bottle you’ve pushed to the back of the cupboard to meet the recommended daily water intake.

Choose a gentle cleanser

It’s time to decide on a cleanser which is right for you and your skin.

Super Facialist Rose Calming Creamy Cleanser

We recommend reaching for one which combines natural, soothing ingredients and has a creamy formulation if your primary concern is dryness. The winning combination helps to hydrate skin without causing added irritation (a common secondary concern for dry skin types).

Our Calming Creamy Cleanser is a rich, creamy formula developed specifically with dry skin in-mind. It’s been boosted with a variety of natural ingredients, including shea butter, cocoa butter, marshmallow, rosehip and white willow bark extract, which unite to soothe and restore the skin’s natural pH balance. The cream removes make-up, impurities and oils with ease, without drying the skin.

Make sure to exfoliate… gently

There’s a fine line between too much exfoliation and buffing away the right amount of dead skin cells, especially where dry skin is concerned. Gently exfoliating 1-2 times a week will prep the skin for your serum and/or moisturiser of choice, making sure the benefits are fully soaked in.

Super Facialist Vitamin C+ Gentle Daily Micro Polish Wash

If you’re a bit hesitant about a granular scrub, but don’t want to delve into acid exfoliation because you have sensitive skin, a micro polish wash could be the perfect alternative. This is a hybrid gel product which combines the properties of a gel wash and scrub in one. With small scrubby particles, the polish gently stimulates the skin and remove dead cells through daily use.

If this sounds like a good option for you, why not try our Vitamin C+ Gentle Daily Micro Polish Wash.

Reach for thicker formulations

Super Facialist Vitamin C+ Night Cream

Last but not least, opt for creams rather than lotions throughout the winter months to ensure skin is deeply hydrated, as the nourishing nature of a thicker product will make sure your skin maintains essential moisture.

To further protect the skin’s barrier from free radical and environmental damage, look for antioxidant-rich (e.g., vitamin c) leave-on products and always wear an SPF, as those grey skies can be deceiving.


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  1. Just a tip: I’ve found that using the micro polish wash followed by the vitamin-C serum topped off with the retinal daily moisturiser has cleared up the spots around mouth that had been there for years. It’s also working with wearing a mask! I’m sure we all have different skin types so I like to mix things up a little until I find the right combo for my skin. Superfacialist products are wonderful at a price I can afford. I’m 71 btw and most people think I’m in my 50’s if that! Mind you I still have the body I had when I was 17, except for needing a little toning after 2 births so that helps. Too many women spend a mint on make-up and clothing to look younger when all they really need is a fit body and clearly good skin. I’m not bragging just telling it like it is. (‘-‘)

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