Back to School Skincare : 5 Simple yet Effective Skincare Tips and Tricks

Back to School Skincare : 5 Simple yet Effective Skincare Tips and Tricks

As you gear up for an exciting new school year, let's talk about something important – your back to school skincare. We believe that self-care is key for self-confidence and what better place to start than caring for your skin? Get ready to glow with these five simple skincare tips.  

We know every minute counts in the morning. So a back to school skincare routine that’s quick to do, but is going to give great results is what we’re looking for. 


Tip 1: Maintain Skin Balance with Cleansing Skincare

Cleansing is one of the most important steps in maintaining healthy, balanced skin. Our Clear Skin Pore Clarity Daily Exfoliator is a brilliant time saver you need to know about. It gently cleanses and refreshes whilst buffing away dead skin cells and congestion. This daily exfoliating face wash is formulated with our skin balancing complex, helping to keep skin clear and prevent future breakouts. Added prebiotics help to preserve and protect the skin’s natural barrier, re-balancing the precious microbiome. 

Super Facialist Clear Skin Pore Clarify Daily Exfoliator

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Tip 2: Hydrate and Nourish with Moisturising Skincare

For skin that glows with health a moisturiser is a must. Our Super Facialist Clear Skin Pore-fect Daily Moisturiser has been created for skin that’s experiencing hormonal fluctuations. It will help keep it hydrated all day, while keeping oiliness and blemishes away. Boosted with Niacinamide to help reduce the appearance of blemishes and reduce sebum levels, this oil-free moisturiser is a great addition to you back to school skincare arsenal.

Clear Skin Pore-fect Daily Moisturiser

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Tip 3: Prevent Breakouts by Keeping Your Hands Away from Your Face

Young women squeezing spots on their face

While you’re at school, help avoid breakouts by washing your hands before you touch your face or touch up your makeup. Every time you touch your face, you’re spreading oil, dirt, and bacteria that can turn into a spot. Also, avoid picking at your pimples! This can spread infection, damage your skin and cause further inflammation. If you notice a new blemish coming up try and wait to you get home to cleanse your face and apply skincare that’s going to help. Our Clear Skin On The Spot Clarifying Gel has been shown to help reduce the appearance of spots quickly. In fact 87% of our independent testers saw their spot size reduce in 3 days or less*. 

Clear Skin Spot Gel Blemish-Prone Skincare

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Tip 4: Unleash the power of Beauty Sleep.

woman with black hair sleeping on white bedding as skincare best practice

Yes, Beauty Sleep is the real thing. We’d recommend aiming to get 7-9 hours each night. While you’re dreaming, your skin is busy regenerating and repairing. Wake up to a refreshed complexion and feel ready to conquer the world! 

Tip 5: Finally… Hydration, hydration, hydration.

For a clear mind (great when heading back to school!), and clearer skin, drink up. Make sure you stay hydrated throughout the day with your trusty water bottle. Your skin will thank you and so will your concentration span.  

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BONUS TIP! Expert advice from Charlotte Connoley

Charlotte Connoley Skincare Expert

If you, or someone you love is new to skincare, our resident Skincare Expert Charlotte has this advice. “Keep your routine quite simple to start with! It's very important that skin is cleansed properly morning and night with a warm flannel, to remove sweat, dirt and product that's been applied. I would then recommend a targeted concentrated serum to tackle pimples, and a moisturiser to hydrate and rebalance. It's also very important to use an SPF at the end of your routine.” 

So, as you dive into a new school adventure, remember that taking care of your skin is a fantastic way to invest in you. These simple skincare tips will have you glowing like a star. And when those spots do pop up, it’s ok. Trust in skin loving products that’ll respect your skin whilst helping to tackle those blemishes quickly. So, embrace the journey and let your beautiful self shine through every step of the way.

You've got this!  


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