Why You Need to Double Cleanse: The Best Way to Remove Makeup, SPF, and Daily Build Up

model double cleansing with vitamin c cleansing oil against a white backdrop

In the world of skincare, the way we clean our faces has changed. Gone are the days of single-use makeup wipes and soap...now we have a more effective way to cleanse the face that delivers glowing skin results. Que the art of double cleansing. 

Double cleansing is your secret skincare weapon. It's a technique that helps you get rid of all the dirt, SPF and makeup on our skin, while also removing deeper impurities that may not be visible to the naked eye. Skincare Experts like Charlotte Connoley love and swear by it. It's a simple two-step process... 

Step 1 is using an oil-based cleanser to remove makeup, sunscreen, and other things that stick to your skin. It's like the first layer of cleaning.

Step 2 is using a water-based cleanser to make your skin super clean and remove any pollutants or debris that may not be obvious on the skin. This two-step process makes your skin a clean slate for the rest of your skincare routine.

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Think of it like preparing a canvas for a beautiful painting. Double cleansing makes your skin the perfect blank canvas for your skincare products, allowing them to absorb better and work their magic. Plus, it's also a nice daily self-care routine to pamper your skin and give it a little bit of extra care. So, double cleansing is a win-win for your skin and your self-care ritual! 

The double-cleansing method is a popular technique which dates back to the 14th Century, originating from Asia. This method, which is still an essential step in K-beauty skincare routines, has revolutionised the way we cleanse our skin, and it involves two steps to ensure that all impurities are removed from the skin. Let's get into more detail.


Step 1: First Cleanse With an Oil Cleanser

Vit C Cleansing Oil Drops

Skincare expert, Charlotte Connoley recommends using our the Super Facialist Vitamin+ C Cleansing Oil as the first step in your double cleanse routine...

"It removes makeup, pollution, dirt and grime; the oil clings on and removes it effectively, but does so gently. It's really good for a first cleanse, and gentle enough to use across the eyes too." (- Charlotte Connoley, Skincare Expert)

Our best-selling cleansing oil delivers a transformative oil-to-milk texture which emulsifies when you add water, providing a gentle yet effective cleansing experience suitable for all skin types. If you wear makeup everyday, the oil and makeup mix will give you the most satisfying before and after transformation. 

Woman before and after using a Cleansing Oil

For the best results, apply the cleansing oil to the centre of the face and massage it outwards, paying attention to the neck and jawline. Then, rinse hands with warm running water and continue massaging the face to transform the residue into a milky lotion. Finally, complete the first cleanse by rinsing the remainder of the product away with warm water or a damp cloth.

The cult-classic Super Facialist Vitamin C+ Skin Renew Cleansing Oil is an excellent option for those looking to enhance radiance and eliminate daily impurities. It is a customer favourite for numerous reasons, including its unique and lightweight formulation, refreshing scent, and accessible price point. 

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Step 2: Second Cleanse with a Regular Cleanser or Face Wash

vitamin c micro polish wash

To achieve optimal results, it’s important to follow up the first cleansing step with a targeted cleanser that addresses your specific skin concerns. You can choose from a variety of cleansers, including gel-based cleansers for excess oil control, creamy formulations for added hydration, or gentle exfoliating micro polish washes.

Here are some of our recommendations from the Super Facialist range, based on your skin type: 

So, as you embrace this tried and tested skincare approach, remember it's not just about pampering your skin – it's also a little act of self-care that you can implement everyday. Double cleansing: a treat for your skin and yourself! 


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