3-Step Glowing Skin Guide for #BrighterSkinDays

3-Step Glowing Skin Guide for #BrighterSkinDays

Achieving radiant, glowing skin doesn't have to be a distant dream. 
Vitamin C is known for its skin-brightening and complexion-renewing properties, making it a must-have for anyone looking to revitalize and brighten their skin.  

In this blog we'll introduce you to the 3-step glowing skin guide using Super Facialist's Vitamin C Range and help you unlock your #BrighterSkinDays.  


Step 1: Transformative Vitamin C Cleansing Oil 

Firstly, the foundation of a great skincare routine is cleansing. The Super Facialist's Vitamin C Brighten Cleansing Oil is an excellent starting point.

Charlotte Connoley Resident Skincare Expert Applying Vitamin C Cleansing Oil Onto Hands

Charlotte Connoley, our Resident Skincare Expert, says “Cleansing oils remove makeup, pollution, dirt and grime; the oil clings on and removes it effectively, but does so gently. It's really good for a first cleanse, and gentle enough to use across the eyes too. “ 

Super Facialist Vitamin C Cleansing Oil for Glowing Skin

Combining a unique, transformative blend of 5 oils including skin loving Olive and Grape Seed Oil with Passionflower and Raspberry OilYou can use this Cleanser by itself or as a first step of your Double Cleanse routine [read our 101 guide on Double Cleansing here]. Its hydrating formula has anti-oxidant properties, and works to cleanse, hydrate and brighten your skin in one step.  

It can seamlessly be part of your night-time routine. Thiis cleanser melts away SPF and make-up and yes - even waterproof mascara.  

The Oil’s transformative oil-to-milk texture removes all dirt and debris for a soft and radiant complexion. After Cleansing with the Oil, follow up with your regular cleanser. Additionally, our Vitamin C Daily Micro Polish Wash is ideal for the ultimate glow. Using a regular cleanser after an Oil will ensure any leftover Oil is washed away.  


BONUS: Exfoliation for #BrighterSkinDays super facialist vitamin c micro polish wash for glowing skin

Incorporating regular exfoliation can help boost radiance and skin luminosity. Our gentle Vitamin C+ Micro Polish Wash is a fantastic addition to the Double Cleansing Routine.  It gently buffs away dead skin cells to reveal a radiant glow. Even if not done daily, exfoliating 2-3 times per week will help brighten skin and keep it’s luminosity at peak. 


Step 2: Glow Boost with a Vitamin C Serum 

Then, adding a glow-boosting serum into your regimen can do wonders for revealing your #BrighterSkinDays radiance. Due to the serum’s thin consistency, the skin can easily absorb it's active ingredients. Above all, the serum will work to brighten the skin and reduce appearance of age spots from within.  

super facialist brighten vitamin c serum for glowing skin

If your skin looks tired, our Vitamin C Glow Boost Serum is a must for your AM and PM routine. It’s designed to boost your skin with brightness using pro-collagen Vitamin C and supercharge your hydration with Hyaluronic Acid – the perfect cocktail of ingredients for glowing skin. 

 Super Facialist Vitamin C with Charlotte Connoley

Expert Tip: Charlotte Connoley says using a serum with Vitamin C “Tackles dullness and areas of pigmentation, and protects against free radicals - it brightens, acts as a shield for pollution, evens out skin tone and increases collagen production. It's a real glow giving ingredient.


Step 3: Protect with a Moisturiser 

super facialist vitamin c moisturiser for glowing skin model application

Lastly, the final step in your glowing skin guide is to protect your complexion from external stressors such as UV rays and dust. Moisturiser is an essential component of any skincare routine, as it provides the skin with the hydration, better barrier function and protection that your skin needs to maintain its plumpness and radiance. 

Similarily, using a moisturiser with added UV Filters in the morning will work to protect your glow all day long. At night, opt for richer creams to provide a deeper hydration action which is crucial for the overall health and comfort of the skin. Remember, hydrated skin is glowing skin. 

Our silky-smooth Vitamin C + Brighten Skin Defence Daily Moisturiser protects the skin’s barrier with added filters to protect it from UV rays. Moreover, added Hyaluronic Acid helps intensely hydrates for a skin that looks plumped and nourished. 
Incorporating Super Facialist's Vitamin C Range into your skincare routine can help you achieve a radiant and glowing complexion. So, embark on this 3-step glowing skin guide and experience the transformative power of vitamin C for yourself.

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