Why Men and Women have Different Skincare Needs

Why Men and Women have Different Skincare Needs

Skincare is a universal concern, but there are some unique characteristics of men's skin that can require different actives and formulations. While many of your favourite skincare products can be shared, there are some distinct differences that require tailor-made products for his routine.

Here we’ll explore the scientific differences between men and women's skin structure and why tailored skincare products are essential to achieve a healthy, balanced complexion.

The Skin-Deep Differences 

It’s hormones that make the changes when it comes to men’s and women’s skin. All babies have the same skin structure, but once puberty has kicked in with all those hormones, the differences start to form.

1. Skin Thickness

Did you know men typically have 25% thicker skin compared to women? It’s due to higher testosterone levels and having more collagen. That thicker layer of collagen keeps men’s skin denser and smoother compared to women’s of the same age.

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Women's skin is generally thinner and more prone to fluctuations in hormones, leading to increased sensitivity and potential for issues like hormonal blemishes. Salicylic Acid and Niacinamide are great ingredients for looking after spots and blemishes.

2. Oil Production Differences 

Men typically produce more sebum, which can result in enlarged pores and oily skin. Products formulated for oily, blemish-prone skin and oil-free products will help regulate the sebum production levels. The Super Facialist Men’s moisturisers are formulated specifically to address Men’s skin needs.
While most woman will have a consistent skin type like dry, oily, combination etc, they will experience more regular hormonal fluctuations. This can lead to a mix of oilier and drier skin during their menstrual cycles. Paying attention to your skin’s hydration levels as it goes through changes is crucial to allow you to switch out the right products accordingly. Weather and other environmental conditions can also effect your skin's hydration levels and it's always good to re-evaluate your skincare routine during changing seasons. 

Women experiencing peri and menopausal symptoms may experience their skin drying out, even if she had a very oily complexion all her adult life. Skin can also become a lot more sensitive and more prone to blemishes. The significant changes in hormonal levels will mean a woman has to review her skincare during this hormonal change period to ensure its delivering optimal care.

3. Facial Hair

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With oiler skin also comes a higher number of hair follicles on the face. Frequent shaving is a common practice among men, which can lead to specific skincare concerns like razor burn, ingrown hairs, and skin irritation. If you shave often/daily, a fragrance-free moisturiser will soothe inflammation and prevent irritation on freshly shaved skin.

Try: Men’s Sensitive Moisturiser with soothing Aloe Vera and Hydrating Cactus Water.

While women may remove facial hair through various methods, they often have different skincare concerns, such as post-removal redness. Calming products such as our Rosehip Hydrate Day Cream may soothe and calm redness. 

4. Age-Related Concerns

With that thicker layer of collagen and more consistent hormones, men's skin ages more gradually. Signs of aging typically appear later in life although lifestyle habits will affect this as well as genetics. Common concerns include sagging skin, deeper wrinkles, and age spots. If you’re experiencing first signs of ageing, opt for products containing Retinol which promotes skin cell turnover for firmer, more plump skin appearance.

Women may experience the onset of fine lines, wrinkles, and age-related changes earlier due to hormonal fluctuations and a thinner dermal layer. With menopause there is a significant impact on the skin’s collagen and support structures impacting skin firmness and elasticity. Retinol, proven to support cellular turn over is a great hero ingredient when looking to target fine lines and wrinkles, as in any ingredient that boosts collagen.


Male Skincare Top Tips

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1.Targeted Formulations

Specific more-targeted products are designed with ingredients and formulations that address the unique needs of men's and women's skin. For example, men's skincare products often focus on calming post-shave irritation, deeply hydrating dry skin and minimising enlarged pores, while women's products may include ingredients targeting hormonal skin changes and moisture retention.
Using tailored products ensures that specific skin issues are addressed, increasing the effectiveness of your overall skincare routine.

Discover our tailor-made formulations, designed for men’s skin concerns here.

2. Include Cleansing in Your Routine

Cleansing is crucial for removing sebum build up and grime, keeping your skin clean and reducing the chances of blemishes. Aim to cleanse your face at least once a day, and twice if you have oily / blemish-prone skin. Men have more pores than women, therefore regular cleansing will also help reduce the appearance of larger, more prominent pores.

Try: Men Energising Face Wash formulated with Vitamin E and Niacinamide for a clean, refreshed face.


 3. Shave with Care

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The sharpness of a razor can be harsh on the skin during shaving, resulting in increased redness. Shaving gets rid of the top layer of the skin, exposing the more sensitive layer of skin that’s prone to irritation. To prevent this, use a generous amount of shaving cream on your face to prevent the friction of the razor on the face.
Post-shave, use a soothing moisturiser that will restore the skin’s hydration and calm irritation. The Sensitive Moisturiser for Him has a balanced blend of Aloe Vera for soothing redness, and Niacinamide to boost the skin’s moisture levels for more hydrated, soothed skin.

Expert Tip:

Step 1: Gently exfoliate the face before shaving to lift dead skin cells for an easier, smoother shaving experience. Try the Invigorating Face Scrub formulated with Volcanic Sand and Cactus Water.

Step 2: Shave with your regular shaving cream or shaving oil. (Discover some of the best shaving oils Shaving Oil for Men)

Step 3: Wash, pat dry and finish off with Sensitive Moisturiser, a soothing fragrance-free formula with calming Aloe Vera.

 4. Anti-Ageing Products

As men age, they experience a decline in the body’s collagen production levels. The loss of collagen makes skin appear thinner and more prone to fine lines and wrinkles. For those who want to reduce the signs of ageing, seek targeted formulations that address the first signs of ageing, such as our Age Defence Retinol Serum. Additionally, you should always wear SPF daily on top of your moisturiser to protect the skin from the damaging rays, which speed up signs of ageing.

Try: Men’s Age Defence Serum formulated with Niacinamide to tackle fine lines and wrinkles in a hydrating, non-sticky formula.


Embracing Diversity in Skincare

Skincare is not one-size-fits-all, and the differences between individuals illustrates the importance of having a tailored skincare routine that addresses your personal skin needs. It's crucial to embrace the diversity in skincare and make choices that are based on your own individual concerns rather than societal gender norms. By doing so, we can all enjoy healthier, more radiant skin everyday.