We’re so excited that Charlotte is working with Super Facialist to help bring to life our mantra of ‘be your own Super Facialist’ through her unique and effective techniques and advice.  To celebrate our partnership, Charlotte has created her own signature Super Facialist facial that can be done at home, using our hero products and best selling must-haves. Skin will be left thoroughly cleansed, lifted, treated and left glowing from within. 



I'm a massive fan of double cleansing - I love to use the Vitamin C Cleansing Oil for my first cleanse as it helps to loosen and break down dirt, grime, pollution and SPF. It’s also gentle enough to remove eye makeup using soft motions with your fingers.

Always work upwards and outwards, never pull the skin and always ensure you have enough product; dampness helps to make the movement, and therefore overall cleanse, more efficient. Your décolletage should be treated the same as the rest of your face.

Remove the Cleansing Oil with a flannel and go in with a second cleanse - this should be used for your skin type or condition to treat your skin concerns. I recommend the Rosehip Cream Cleanser as Rosehip is incredibly nourishing and hydrating for the skin; it's great for sensitive skin types, as well as delicate and fragile skin. Alternatively the Vitamin C Micro Polish can be used to gently exfoliate and remove any dead, dry skin cells.


Disperse a small amount onto your ring finger and gently pat underneath the eye; massage in lovely big circles underneath and round the top. To finish you can just pat the under eye area to get rid of puffiness and push product into the skin, rather than wiping motions which can be harsh on this delicate area of skin.


One pump dispersed into the hands in more than enough (less is more,) and starting on the neck work upwards and outwards in massaging motions. I would suggest 5-10 minutes of some slow sculpting movements, allowing you to breathe in the scent. You don't want to slap it on and hit the pillow with a greasy face, so you want to optimise the oil and push it into the skin to really benefit from it. Massage encourages product absorption so you have no product on your skin at the end of it.

Always start by patting onto the skin and décolletage; you want to really feel your way around your muscles - gliding and sliding around the jaw, scissoring around the ears to stimulate lymph that may be stagnant. Then take over the nose and inhale a big breath (the scent is so lovely) and then slowly work it up the face.

Don't forget to take it over the eyebrows to relieve any stress and tension with big circles across the forehead; into the scalp is also lovely, big rolls down the neck to aid with lymphatic drainage and if you've any left take across the décolletage. It takes me about five minutes to do my facial massage routine - it's one of my passions.


Serums offer a targeted concentration of ingredients and I would definitely recommend investing in serums as they will deliver what is needed for your skin; they can support your skin's additional needs i.e. hydration, and you’ll really see a difference.

Our Intense Facial Serum combines Hyaluronic Acid, to give your skin a hydrating boost, with a high potency firming peptide, to help improve skin’s smoothness and elasticity. This will add hydration and dewiness.


Always apply upwards and outwards, down the neck and across the décolletage; circular or sweeping motions are best. Don't go mad with product application - a pea sized amount is sufficient. Pat it to finish and use motions down on the neck to drain the lymph.

The most common mistake is using too much so you get too slippery or greasy. You're also wasting product! Less is definitely more with moisturiser, especially in the morning when you're applying under makeup.


This is fantastic for evening out redness, brightening, providing overall radiance and creating the perfect base; it becomes quite mattifying when patted into the skin which is lovely.

A pea sized amount is more than enough, massaged onto skin in upward and outwards motions. If you're not a makeup wearer you can also just wear this on your skin with SPF. It's quite illuminating as well - it's really really lovely, and a product I recommend for everybody.